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Meet Evan Klaus

The Estate has been part of our family for over 25 years and over the last 15 years I have planned and ran events world wide. Additionally, for seven years I lived in East Africa and worked with governments on HIV/AIDs drug selection and logistics in East Africa. After Africa, I was interviewing with a prestigious consulting firm in New York and while actually doing a case study in my final interview I thought ‘This is intellectually really interesting, but is this how I want to spend the largest percentage of my time over the next years?’ I spent the next few weeks trying to answer this question and came to the conclusion that I wanted to focus on what I love and how I love doing it and share it with companies, groups of people, and individuals.

How I like to work

I am not a big fan of cubicles and boardrooms, I truly believe they are obstacles of creativity, efficiencies, and productivity. My desk now is in a five acre garden under a large willow tree looking out over the California hills. We have plenty of work stations across the property. For a boardroom with vitality we set up a board room with all the amenities; essentially transplanting a dry board room into the country surrounded by gardens and California hills

How I like to eat

I like long dinners with fresh food, good beer, and local wines with a good group of friends so on the Estate we have a great outdoor eating location and encourage sourcing all foods and wines locals. I had an amazing experience the other night where I was drinking a local wine that smelled exactly the same as the surrounding environment.

I invite all to come and